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Australian Bush Poetry Classics by Jack Drake

The Teaching Package

Engage students in our early Australian history

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Includes: CD, DVD plus Teachers Notes with printable activities


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Australian Bush Poetry Classics Teaching Package

Teacher's notebook contains:

  • Scaffolded student activity worksheets to deconstruct and reconstruct their own Bush Ballads
  • Overview of student worksheets according to Blooms Taxonomy
  • The history of Australian Bush Poetry
  • Discussions on themes of poems which include transport, environmental land management concepts, alcoholism, Australian natural disasters, feminine roles, etc
  • 7 steps to writing and performing Bush Poetry
  • Features a variety of poem styles - epic, inspiring, dramatic, humorous, reflective etc.
  • plus much more to save teachers' valuable time and give students fun activities

These notes will help teachers engage students in our early Australian history and language focusing on skills of oral and visual language with strands of writing, listening, reciting, viewing and presenting. The activities are designed to teach students to think critically, interpret, analyse and identify literary features, conventions, structures ad language features. It is Jack's hope that young people involved in this programme will see what a wonderful history and culture we have in Australia and will enjoy the stories told in verse by our early masters.

CD contains:

Twelve classic Australian bush poems recited by Jack Drake, award winning performance and written bush poet, published bush poet, historical author with 4 CDs and 3 books to his credit -

  • The Man from Snowy River (A.B."Banjo" Paterson)
  • Shearing in the Bar (H.P."Duke" Tritton)
  • How the Fire Queen Crossed the Swamp (Will Ogilvie)
  • Jones's Selection (G.H."Ironbark" Gibson)
  • Sweeney (Henry Lawson)
  • Said Hanrahan (John O'Brien)
  • The Riding of the Rebel (Will Ogilvie)
  • The Women of the West (George Essex Evans)
  • Trouble on the Selection (Henry Lawson)
  • An Old Master (C.J.Dennis)
  • Rio Grande's Last Race (A.B."Banjo" Paterson)
  • The Spirit of the West (Lex McLennan)

DVD contains:

  • Video of Jack giving performance tips
  • Electronic copy of Teachers Notes



How this package is best utilizedp7

Student worksheet overview according to Bloomsp8-10

An explanation about Bush Balladsp11

KWL Chart – Bush Balladsp12

Epic Poem

The Man from Snowy River by A.B. (Banjo) Patersonp13-15

Teacher’s Notes - The Man from Snowy Riverp16-17

Student worksheets - The Man from Snowy Riverp18-22

Humorous Poem

Shearing in the Bar by H.P (Duke) Trittonp23-24

Teacher’s Notes- Shearing in the Barp25-26

Student worksheets - Shearing in the Barp27-30

Dramatic Poem (Transport)

How the 'Fire Queen' Crossed the Swamp by Will Ogilviep31-32

Teacher’s Notes- How the 'Fire Queen' Crossed the Swampp33-34

Student worksheets - How the 'Fire Queen' Crossed the Swampp35-36

Humorous Poem (Environmental land management concepts)

Jones's Selection by G.H.(Ironbark) Gibsonp37-38

Teacher’s Notes- Jones's Selectionp39-40

Student worksheets -Jones's Selectionp41-46

Reflective Poem (Alcoholism)

Sweeney by Henry Lawsonp47-48

Teacher’s Notes – Sweeneyp49-50

Student worksheets- Jones's Selectionp51-55

Humorous Poem (Australia natural disasters)

Said Hanrahan by John O'Brienp56-58

Teacher’s Notes - Said Hanrahanp59-60

Student worksheets- Said Hanrahanp61-63

Feminine inspired narrative Poem

The Riding of the Rebel by Will Ogilviep64-65

Teacher’s Notes - The Riding of the Rebelp66

Student worksheets - The Riding of the Rebelp67-68

Feminine Historical Poem

The Women of the West by G.E.Evansp69

Teacher’s Notes - The Women of the Westp70-71

Student worksheets - The Women of the Westp72-76

Humorous Poem

Trouble on the Selection by Henry Lawsonp77

Teacher’s Notes- Trouble on the Selectionp78-79

Student worksheets- Trouble on the Selectionp80-81

Dramatic narrative Poem

An Old Master by C.J.Dennisp82-83

Teacher’s Notes-An Old Masterp84-86

Student worksheets-An Old Masterp87-88

Epic dramatic Poem

'Rio Grande's' Last Race by A.B(Banjo) Patersonp89-91

Teacher’s Notes -'Rio Grande's' Last Racep92-93

Student worksheets -'Rio Grande's' Last Racep94-97

Inspiring narrative Poem

The Spirit of the West by Lex McLennanp98

Teacher’s Notes- The Spirit of the Westp99-100

Student worksheets - The Spirit of the Westp101-102

Writing and Performing Bush Poetry – Jack Drakes’ tipsp103-105

The 7 Steps to Writing Bush Poetryp106

The 7 Steps to Performing Bush Poetryp107

Teachers Answersp108

Included in this package- CD of Jack reciting the poems, and a DVD presentation of Jack’s tips on performing plus an electronic copy of the “Teacher’s Notes”

How this English Education Package relates to the new National Curriculum

You can view a document explaining how the teaching package relates to the new National curriculum by clicking here (PDF).


I recommend "Australian Bush Poetry Classics" and the Teachers Notes as an excellent teaching resource for Australian Literature in the Junior (Secondary) School. It offers a range of learning opportunities for all students....Mrs. Judi Kelly (Dip Teach, B.Ed) English Teacher, Stanthorpe S.H.S.

Congratulations on your work.You can't go wrong "bringing more Australiana to our children" ....Alan Jones A.O.

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